Montreux Review Part 1 – Sendung vom 7. August 2017

Interpret: Bryan Ferry
Album: Dylanesk
Song: Knockin on Heavens Door

Interpret: Brian Wilson
Album: The Beach Boys – Live in the eighties
Song: Good Vibrations
anno 1982

Interpret: Somi
Album: Petit Afrique
Song: Alien
anno 2016

Interpret: Metronomy
Album: Summer 08
Song: Old skool
anno 2016

Interpret: The Kills
Album: Now wow
Song: detto
anno 2012

Interpret: Kasabian
Album: Back Foot
Song: detto
anno 2014

Interpret: Solange
Album: “Eat at the Table”
Songs: “Weary” – Interlude – “don’t wish me well”
anno 2016

Interpret: Sampha
Album: “Process”
Songs: “Under” – “ No one knows me like the Piano”
anno 2016

Interpret: Erykah Badu
Album: „Baduizm“
Songs: „Drama“ – „Sometimes“
anno 1997

Interpret: Dreadzone
Album: Sound
Song: „Black Rock n‘ Roll“
anno 2001
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