Playlist Sendung vom 3. Juli 2017 – Montreux Festival Preview - Part 2

Interpret: George Benson
Album: “Absolute Benson”
Song: “El Barrio“ – Master at Work Remix
anno 2000

Interpret: Alt J
Album: “Sampler – Musikexpress – Live Events 2017”
Song: “Breezeblocks”
anno 2017

Interpret: Cinematic Orchestra
Album: “Ma Fleur”
Song: “As the stars fall”
anno 2007

Interpret: Fourplay
Album: “Energy”
Song: “The Whistler”
anno 2008

Interpret: London Grammar
Album: “Truth is a beautiful thing”
Song: “Big Picture”
anno 2017

Interpret: Phoenix
Album: “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”
Song: “Love like a sunset part 1”
anno 2009

Interpret: Mavis Staples
Album: “Livin on a High Note”
Song: “If it’s a light”
anno 2016

Interpret: Benjamin Booker – Guest Vocals Mavis Staples
Album: “Witness”
Song: “detto”
anno 2017

Interpret: Mavis Staples
Album: Livin on a high note"
Song: "Jesus lay down beside me"
anno 2016

Interpret: Aldous Harding
Album: “Party”
Song: “Imagining my man”
anno 2017

Interpret: James Hunter
Album: “Hold on”
Song: “This is where we come in”
anno 2016

Interpret: London Grammar
Album: "“Truth is a beautiful thing”
Song: detto
anno 2017

Interpret: Yello
Album: “Flag”
Song: “The Race“ - Remix
anno 2005

Free Flow – Dance Sounds from the Montreux Festival 2017 –
Szenebeobachter Mix

Interpret: Soulwax
Album: “From DeeWee”
Song: “Transient programm”
anno 2017

Interpret: Roosevelt
Album: “detto”
Song: “Wait up”
anno 2016

bis bald mit meinem großen Montreux Review 2017 - 1- Montag im August 2017

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