“A birthday and new Black Music” von 2017 mit Querverbindungen zu Hall and Oates – Doobie Brothers und Steely Dan

Interpret: Ry Cooder
Album: Get Rhythm
Song: Let’s have a ball”
anno: 1986

Interpret: Ry Codder
Album: Chavez Ravine
Song: El . F.O. cayo
anno: 2003

Interpret: Sinkane  
Album: Life and livin it”
Song: Fire
anno: 2017
Interpret: Porter Ray
Album: Watercolor
Song: The mirror between us”
anno: 2017

Interpret: Thundercat
Album: “Drunk”
Song: Show You the way”
anno: 2017

Interpret: Doobie Brothers
Album: Minute by minute”
Song: “What a fool believes”
anno: 1978

Interpret: SinkanePorter RayPorter Ray
Album: „ Life and livin it“
Song: “ The way”
anno: 2017

Interpret: Porter Ray
Album: “Watercolor”
Song: “Beautiful”
anno: 2017

Interpret: Thundercat
Album: “Drunk”
Song: “Friend zone” und “ Them changes”

Interpret: Steely Dan
Album: “Gaucho”
Song: “Gaucho”
anno: 1980

Interpret: The XX
Album: “I see You”
Song: “Hold on”
anno: 2017

Interpret: Hall and Oates
Album: Best of”
Song: “ I can’t go for it”
anno: 1981

Free Flow Sektor – Mixtape – Great Grooves from 2017”

Interpret: Romare
Album: “Love Songs part II”
Song: “Je t’aime”
anno: 2017

Interpret: Thievery Corporation
Album: “The Temple of I and I”
Song: “True Sons of Zion”
anno: 2017

Interpret: Sherwood at the Controls
Album:   detto
Song: “ Music and scene madness” – Remix von Lee Scratch Perry
anno: 2017
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