“Deep into the history of Singer/Songwriting” – 2 Producer Generationen – Glyn and Ethan Johns

Interpret: Eric Clapton
Album: “I still do”
Song: “I will be there”
anno 2016
Producer: Glyn Johns / Ethan Johns. Percussion

Interpret: John Hiatt
Album: “Stolen Moments”
Song: “Seven little Indians”
anno 1990
Producer: Glyn Johns / drums and e-guitar: Ethan Johns

Interpret: Kings of Leon
Album: “Aha Shake Heartbeat”
Song: “Milk”
anno 2004
Producer: Ethan Johns / Keyboards: Ethan Johns

Interpret: Bruce Cockburn
Album: “Dart to the heart”
Song: “Burden of my heart”
anno 1995
Mixing: Glyn Johns

Interpret: Ryan Adams
Album: “Gold”
Song: “Touch, Feel and Loose”
anno 2001
Producer: Ethan Johns / drums: Ethan Johns

Interpret: Benmont Tench
Album: “You should be so lucky”
Song: “Why don’t You quit leaving me alone”
anno 2014
Producer: Glyn Johns / Ethan Johns:guitar

Interpret: Ray Lamontagne
Album: “Trouble”
Song: “Forever my friend”
anno 2004
Producer and Engineer: Ethan Johns

Interpret: Belly
Album: “King”
Song: “Untitled – unsung”
anno 1995
Producer: Glyn Johns

Interpret: Ethan Johns
Album: “Silver Liner”
Song: “ detto”
anno 2015
Producer: Ethan Johns

Interpret: Joe Cocker
Album: “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” – original Vinyl Ausgabe
Song: “
anno 1970
Mixing: Glyn Johns

Interpret: Joan Armatrading
Album: “To the Limit"
Song: “Am I blue for You"
anno 1978

Interpret: Green on Red
Album: “This time around”
Song: “Foot”
anno 1989
Producer: Glyn Johns

Interpret: Eric Clapton
Album: “Backless” – Original Vinyl Ausgabe
Song: “Tulsa Time"
anno 1978
Producer and Engineer: Glyn Johns


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