Sendung vom 21. November 2016

“out of time” – Live Recordings from the “Golden Age of Rock n’Roll”
Große Live Musik aus den 70ies, 80ies, 90ies und Neueres

Interpret: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live at the Forum Los Angeles 1982
Album: detto
Song: Ladies and Gentleman – announcement/”Nightwatchman”
anno 1981

Interpret: Santana III – Live at the Fillmore West San Francisco
Album: Santana III
Song: “Batuka”/”No one to depend on”
anno 1971

Interpret: Lucinda Williams Live 1975
Album: detto
Song: “Just wanted You so bad”/”Sundays”
anno 1975

Interpret: Doobie Brothers Live
Album: The Wildlife Concert
Song: “listen to the Music”
anno 1996

Interpret: John Martyn Live
Album: detto – live recorded at the Town and Country House London
Song: “May You never”
anno 1992

Interpret: Leonard Cohen Live in London
Album: detto
Song: “Dance me to the End of Love”
anno 2009

Interpret: Camel Live
Album: “Message”
Song: “Arubaluba”
anno 1973

Interpret: Deep Purple
Album: Live at Montreux 1996
Song: “Black Night”
anno 1996

Interpret: Fleetwood Mac Live
Album: The Dance”
Song: “ I am so afraid”
anno 1997

Interpret: Rory Gallagher Live in Europe 1973
Album: detto
Song: “Messin with the kid”
anno 1973

Interpret: Miles Davies Live recorded at the Cellar Door, Washingto
Album: “live Evil”
Song: “
anno 1971

Interpret: Faces – Live
Album: “Three guys walk into a bar” - 4 Cd Box
Song: “I wish it would rain”
anno 1972

Interpret: The Band Live
Album: “The Last Waltz” – recorded live 1978 at Bill Grahams Winterland San Francisco
Song: “Forever Young” – mit Bob Dylan
anno 1978

Interpret: Bap Live
Album: “Volles Programm” – live recorded at Schloß Marode 2011
Song: “Deutscharbeit” – Ein Dredüvelsman”
anno 2011

Interpret: WillydeVille Live
Album: detto – recorded live at the “Bottom Lline” New City 1993
Song: “Hey! Joe!
anno 19993

Interpret: Lynard Skynard
Album: “Live from the Freedom Hall”
Song: “That smell”
anno 2002

Interpret: Steely Dan
Album: “Alive in America” 1993
Song: “Josie”
anno 1993

Interpret: Gary Moore Live
Album: “Blues Alive” – recorded live 1983
Song: “Still got the Blues”
anno 1983

Interpret: Weather Report Live
Album: “The legendary Live Tapes”
Song: “ A remark You made”
anno 1978

Interpret: Little Feat Live
Album: “Waiting for Columbus”
Song: Intro/”Fat Man in the Bathtub”
anno 1978
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