Sendung vom 17. Okt.2016 – Bruce Springsteen Feature – Jazz and the City Salzburg

Interpret: Bruce Springsteen – Band: Steel Mill
Album: “Chapter and Verse”http://www.br.de/puls/images/bruce-springsteen-born-to-run-100~_v-img__16__9__xl_-d31c35f8186ebeb80b0cd843a7c267a0e0c81647.jpg?version=46066
Song: He’s guilty
anno 1970

Interpret: Bruce Springsteen
Album: “Born to run”
Song: “Thunder Road”
anno 1975

Interpret: Bruce Springsteen
https://consequenceofsound.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/bruce-springsteen-nebraska.jpg?w=600&h=600Album: “Darkness on the edge of town”
Song: “Streets on fire”
anno 1970

Interpret: Bruce Springsteen and the e-street Band
Album: “Live at the Hammersmith Odean”
Song: “Kitty’ back”
anno 1976

Interpret: Bruce Springsteen
Album: “The river”                                                                                                                                     
Song: “Drive all night”https://www.stiegl.at/sites/default/files/styles/sl_event_detail/public/images/events/banner_jazzcity2016_384_272px.jpg?itok=u2vYz86D
anno 1980

Interpret: Bruce Springsteen                                                                                                                 
Album: “Nebraska”
Song: “My father’s house”
anno 1982

Interpret: Bruce Springsteen
http://www.salzburg-altstadt.at/fileadmin/user_upload/Presse/Torun_Eriksen_Portrait_Foto_Anders_Nilsen.jpgTorun EriksenAlbum: “Magic”
Song: “Gypsy biker”
anno 2007

Interpret: Bill Frisell
Album: “When You wish upon a Star”
Song: “Shadow of Your smile”
anno 2016

Interpret: Torun Eriksen (siehe Foto!!)
Album: “Grand white silk“
Song: “Grand white silk“
anno 2016

Interpret: Erik Truffaz Quartett
Album: “Doni – Doni“
Song: “Doni – Doni“ Part 1 und 2
anno 2016

Interpret: Daniel Herskedal
Album: “Slow Eastbound Train!
Song: “Slow Eastbound Boat”
anno 2014

Interpret: Ephemerals
Album: “Chasing ghosts”
Song: “Beauty in the everyday…..”
anno 2015

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