Playlist – Advent Sounds 2017 – Best of Ballads – Electro, Dance, Clubsounds etc.

1) Interpret: Brian Eno
Album: Reflection
Song: “detto”

2) Interpret: Tangerine Dream
Album: “Quantum Date”
Song: “Identify broken matrix”

3) Interpret: Slowdive
Album: “Detto”
Song: “Slomo”

4) Interpret: Sinkane
Album: “Life and livin it”
Song: “Deadweight”

5) Interpret: Acid Pauli
Album: “BLD”
Song: “BLD 6”

6) Interpret: John Maus
Album: “Screen memore”
Song: “Decide, decide”

7) Interpret: Benjamin Booker
Album: “Witness”
Song: “overtime”

8) Interpret: Sophia Kennedy
Album: „detto“
Song: “Something is coming my way”

9) Interpret: Liima
Album: “1982”
Song: “David Copperfield”

10) Interpret: Gabriel Garzon Montano
Album: „Jardin“
Song: „Fruit flies“

11)  Interpret: Four Tet
Album: “New energy”
Song: L.A. Trance

12)  Interpret: Childish Gambino
Album: “Awaken my love”
Song: “Me”

13)  Interpret: Washed out
Album: “Mister mellow”
Song: “Floating by”

14)  Interpret: Soulwax
Album: “From dee wee”
Song: “Trespassers”

15)  Interpret: Dreadzone
Album: “ Dread times”
Song: “After the storm”

16) Interpret: Thundercat
Album: “Drunk”
Song: “Show me the way”

17) Interpret: Bonobo
Album: “Migration”
Song: “No reason”

18) Interpret: Tom Rogerson with Brian Eno
Album: “Finding shore”
Song: “the rest”

19) Interpret: Thievery corporation
Album: “The temple of I and I”
Song: “detto”

20)  Interpret: The Gift with Brian Eno
Album: “Altar”

21) Interpret: Porter Ray
Album: “Watercolor”
Song: “The mirror between us”

22)   Interpret: Daphni
Album: “Fabric live”
Song: “Life’s what You make”

23) Interpret: Carl Craig
Album: “Versus”
Song: “The Melody”

24) Interpret: Lost Horizons
Album: “Ojala”
Song: “I saw the days go by”

25) Interpret: Chloe
Album: “Endless revisions”
Song: “The ultimate hug”

26) Interpret: Call Super
Album: “Arpo”
Song: “Eko ink”
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